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About us

Emmerick Street Community Preschool is a non-profit community Preschool managed by the Director and volunteer Management Committee of parents.

The Preschool relies on the enrolled families to perform a wide range of managerial, administrative, and maintenance tasks so that it runs smoothly and is cost-efficient.

Preschool Hours and Structure

Preschool hours are 9 am to 3 pm, Monday to Friday, during school terms.

The Preschool week is divided into two groups:

  • Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday Group: 4/5-year-olds
  • Thursday/Friday Group: 3/4-year-olds

Number of Places

The Preschool is licensed for 29 places in each group, however current numbers are capped at 24 places for the Thursday/Friday group and 26 children for the Monday -Wednesday group.

There are Two University-trained Early Childhood Teachers and qualified educators who work with the children across the week.

There is no after-school care program offered.